Dragon Age: Tales

Mordrake's Cauldron

1227402503489.jpgHaving left Vintiver behind them, Calder and Namarock journeyed on down the road, headed south with little purpose or direction beyond finding their fortunes. Calder opened up a little bit about his time in Denerim, explaining that he could not go back at the time. Namarock remained silent about his own, darker purpose for travelling. about midday, the duo saw dark smoke rising from the nearby forest. Before they could react, a little girl emerged from the tree line covered in soot and ash screaming at them to help save her village which was burning down. They rushed to her aid, diving into the forest.

The girl led them on a wild chase through the woods, which ended when they suddenly found themselves plummeting into a chasm. At the bottom of the pit, the little girl waited, who soon became a ghoulish skeleton and attacked the two elves. They managed to quickly drive her back, but were surprised to find a human alive in the room with them who had watched their fight. He announced himself as Giles, a Circle mage travelling through the lands. He had fallen victim to a similar trap and found himself stuck here. There was a door out, which he could not open through brawn or spell.

Calder quickly picked the lock on the door and the three set out to explore the ruins they found themselves in – ancient Tevinter ruins, according to Giles, apparently a student of history. Guiding by Calder’s lantern, they fought off more skeletons and undead, first in a ruined barracks, then a training room and again in a great feasting hall where a skeletal lord presided over a nightmare feast with a glittering crown.

A voice cried out for help. The heroes responded finding a large room with a cauldron in the middle of it. Reaching into the dark water, they pulled out a bracelet. The cauldron bubbled and boiled and a dark shape emerged from it, charging out of the room through a tunnel. A spirit appeared, the source of the cry for help.

Announcing himself as Falorn, he explained that he was a warrior from a nearby town called Kinbury that burned down 200 years ago. A rouge mage called Mordrake had come to this land, setting up house in those ruins. There he created a cauldron which fed on fear and death, capturing the souls of any of the Kinbury folk he could lure away. He dug tunnels beneath their village to burn it to the ground in one great massacre / ritual. Falorn discovered the plot and faced Mordrake, but in their struggle he ignited the pitch. His village burned and their spirits were trapped forever reliving that terror. But he managed to fit a magical bracelet on Mordrake and trap his spirit in his own cauldron.

Now set free, Mordrake would undoubtably try to finish the ritual. But there was a chance to slay him, too, and set free the spirits of Kinbury. The heroes raced down the tunnel, coming up into a haunted village – part real ruins, part spectral reconstruction of that fateful night. Fighting off undead priests, the heroes faced Mordrake himself, slaying him by discovering his spirit’s weakness to fire.

Falorn thanked the heroes and granted them a key to a room in the ruins which held great treasure. He disappeared, thanking them again for setting their spirits to rest. The two elves looted the room, and accepted Giles’ offer to join them on their journey.



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