Dragon Age: Tales

The Tale of the Dalish Curse

In which some roguish elves save a human town

Screen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_11.16.17_AM.pngTwo city elves – Calder, a brash rogue, and Bralynn, a stout warrior – were traveling down a simple road with a newly met companion, a Dalish elf called Namarock. Calder and Bralynn had recently fled Denerim for reasons left unsaid and met Namarock on the road, equally tacit about his past and companionless travel. They decide south was as good a direction as any, and began to skirt the western edge of the Brecilian Forest. It was Autumn in Ferelden, the colors of the leaves changing even as the harvest was being brought in across the Southron Hills region.

They came upon a farm that had been ravaged. After being attacked by two Blight Wolves (aka “Bark Spawn”), they searched around and found several dead humans and one barely alive Dalish elf. They carried her into the nearby town, Vintiver, but not before Namarock pocketed the silver chain link she clung too.

There, they were met with hostility. A group, led by the blacksmith surrounded the inn and were calling for the elves’ heads. While Calder guarded the wounded elf inside, Namarock gave an impassioned speech, shamming the locals and forcing them to step down. The sister from the chantry came by to help tend the wounds of the rescued elf.

Back inside, the elf maiden – Eshara, as it turned out – began telling her story. It seemed that some weeks back, a Dalish caravan had come through the town to celebrate the harvest festival. A scuffle between locals the elves broke out centered around a disagreement between the local blacksmith and one of the Dalish hunters. Days later as the caravan left the town, the offended elf hunter was sent out scouting to blow off some steam. He found something out in the woods, returning to ravage the camp with skeletons and darkspawn as a fell creature now called Mythallen. He dragged away those he didn’t kill, taking them to a nearby ruin where he imprisoned them. Eshara made a mad dash to get away, taking the chain link with her from the ground and evading the darkspawn that pursued her until she made it to the farm where they finally caught up to her.

Bralynn, Calder and Namarock set off the next day to find this caravan and put an end to this madness and help their fellow elvenkind, placing the chantry sister in charge of watching over Eshara. The trio was attacked by the roadside by several villagers led by the blacksmith. They killed a few, but scared off the blacksmith and the rest of the villages, confronting the smith and intimidating him into ceasing all his attacks against the elves.

Towards the end of the day, they came to the Dalish caravan, in ruins from the attack. They scrounged up some trinkets to line their pockets. Soon, howling sounds came from the woods and hyena-like Revengers swarmed at them. Fighting them off, the heroes tracked their path through the wood and soon came to a fallen tree. While crossing it, Bralynn was nearly knocked off twice as blood crows swarmed the party. Namarock fired arrows into the swarm while Calder ran to help his friend.

Making their way through the woods further, they came to an ancient ruin set in the sunken ground. Skeletons guarded the place, but the party made short work of them. Inside the ruins, they found the remaining Dalish shackled in a prison. Releasing them, a clan hunter and a wiseman told their tale – that Mythallen came here and broke a chain, held together by the (now revealed to be) magical link that Namarock had taken from Eshara, who herself took it when she escaped from those ruins. They also informed the trio that Mythallen had left recently, taking the bulk of his forces to attack the town directly!

The hunter took them through a short cut in the woods, reaching the Vintiver just as Mythallen laucnhed his main attack on the town square. Revengers and blood crows tore through the village while Mythallen himself seemed an unstoppable juggernaut, rending the citizens of the sleepy town with wanton lust. Nevertheless, Namarock, Calder and Bralynn – rogues all – showed their true colors by charging into battle.

Eventually, Mythallen was slain, but not before killing Bralynn. In the aftermath of the fight, the villagers and Dalish were grateful to the heroes. Vintiver made any services or equipment available to them, and the Dalish named them “Friends of the People.” Calder buried his friend and the two rested for a few days before setting off.



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