Dragon Age: Tales

Mordrake's Cauldron

1227402503489.jpgHaving left Vintiver behind them, Calder and Namarock journeyed on down the road, headed south with little purpose or direction beyond finding their fortunes. Calder opened up a little bit about his time in Denerim, explaining that he could not go back at the time. Namarock remained silent about his own, darker purpose for travelling. about midday, the duo saw dark smoke rising from the nearby forest. Before they could react, a little girl emerged from the tree line covered in soot and ash screaming at them to help save her village which was burning down. They rushed to her aid, diving into the forest.

The Tale of the Dalish Curse
In which some roguish elves save a human town

Screen_Shot_2013-11-04_at_11.16.17_AM.pngTwo city elves – Calder, a brash rogue, and Bralynn, a stout warrior – were traveling down a simple road with a newly met companion, a Dalish elf called Namarock. Calder and Bralynn had recently fled Denerim for reasons left unsaid and met Namarock on the road, equally tacit about his past and companionless travel. They decide south was as good a direction as any, and began to skirt the western edge of the Brecilian Forest. It was Autumn in Ferelden, the colors of the leaves changing even as the harvest was being brought in across the Southron Hills region.


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