A village in the south, at the very edge of the Brecelian Forest. Kinbury was victim to attacks from a malificar named Mordrake who took up residence in some nearby Tevinter ruins.

Mordrake used a cauldron of his own devising to capture the life-energy of his victims. Ever hungry for more power, he dug tunnels under the town of Kinbury and planned on burning it to the ground one night in a massive ritual. A local warrior named Falion managed to track and find Mordrake. The two battled in the tunnels until the pitch caught fire and the village of Kinbury burned to the ground, taking Mordrake and Falion with it.

Although the town was lost, Falion managed to fit an enchanted silver bracelet onto Mordrake’s arm, capturing him in his own cauldron. The spirits of the villagers roamed the woods and ruins of the town. Some became confused or possessed by spirits and began to lure passers-by into the ruins where they would be slain.

Calder and Namarock were tricked by such a spirit. They traversed the ruins, meeting a Mage named Giles on the way. They released Mordrake’s spirit from the cauldron, but were able to kill him and release the spirits of the people of Kinbury once and for all.


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